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Dan hard at work on his 2015 heroes of the Faith CD

Recording ‘Heroes of the Faith’ February 2015 at Pegasus Studio Cairns

Dan ready to roll again 2015

Dan ready to roll again 2015

Dan’s new ‘tell it like it is’ promo photo


Dan recording Kimberley Revival

Dan recording ‘Kimberley Revival’ January 2015

Dan's main Hero of the Faith

Dan’s main Hero of the Faith



Carol The Lioness Vogler

Carol “the Lioness” Vogler Dan’s faithful and lifelong wife and partner in ministry.


Ps Dan & Carol Vogler copy Dan and Carol

Pictured at their daughters engagement party. (C) 2012

Together Dan and Carol have seen the plan of God unfold over 30 years of marriage, ministry and life. We are excited about the future and God’s plan for our lives. Having raised our 5 children and now with grandchildren, we are feeling the ‘call of the wild’ again. The call to music and evangelism and to help churches everywhere to renew the passion for evangelism in their communities is what fuels our desire to go. We know that God’s people need the gift of evangelism to be fanned into flame more and more in these days.

Waiting to go on Stage Dan as keen as ever waiting to go on stage – Port Moresby PNG

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